A Roaring Gathering: District Governor Paul McInnes Honors the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown


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In a heartwarming assembly of unity and community service, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown welcomed a distinguished guest, District Governor (DG) Paul McInness, on the 4th of October 2023 at the Bankstown RSL. The event, which was graced by more than 30 Lions and friends, showcased the spirit of camaraderie and collective service that the Lions Club is renowned for.

The gathering was not just a local affair. It was a splendid display of solidarity among various Lions Clubs, with presidents and members from the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club and the Burwood-Strathfield Lions Club marking their presence. Guiding Lion Graham Estreich of the Lions Club of Parramatta also lent his esteemed presence to the occasion, further elevating the significance of the event.

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DG Paul McInness, with his seasoned experience and leadership in the Lions community, took to the podium to express his admiration for the work being done by the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown. His words were not just of praise but also of guidance and foresight. He highlighted some of the challenges and pitfalls faced by other clubs, sharing insights and offering advice on how to navigate through potential future challenges. His speech was not only a testament to his leadership but also a reflection of the supportive and collaborative nature inherent in the Lions Club community.

The event was also graced by Deputy Mayor Rachelle Harika, who echoed the sentiments of appreciation for the Lions. She specifically extolled the efforts of the Canterbury Bankstown Lions, acknowledging their tireless service and contributions to the community. Her presence and words further solidified the bond between the local government and service organizations, showcasing a unified front in serving the community.

David and Dominic Eid of Reknighted were also among the attendees, representing the synergy between local businesses and service organizations. Their presence underscored the importance of collaborative efforts between different sectors of the community in achieving collective goals and enhancing community service.

A momentous highlight of the evening was the induction of four new members into the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown. Sonia, Marina, Jimmy, and Dolly were warmly welcomed by DG Paul McInness, symbolizing not just the growth of the club but also the ever-expanding circle of individuals dedicated to serving the community.

The event was not merely a gathering but a celebration of service, unity, and community spirit. It was a reminder that the Lions Clubs, spread across regions and districts, are bound by a common thread of altruism and a commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. The visit by District Governor Paul McInness was not just an honor for the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown but a reaffirmation of the collective mission that all Lions Clubs stand for: to serve and uplift their communities, together, as one.

In a world that continues to face numerous challenges, the unity and service exemplified by organizations like the Lions Club remain a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of collective action. The Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, with its growing members and unwavering support from the Lions community, continues to roar loudly, echoing its commitment to service, fellowship, and community development.

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