22 May, 2024
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Animal rights protesters gather outside Australian cabinet meeting


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Dozens of protesters have gathered outside a Perth building where the federal cabinet is meeting to rally against live animal exports.

Stop Live Exports repeated its call for the Albanese government to set a date to legislate a ban on the trade, with a phased transition to slaughtering animals before they’re exported as frozen meat.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Tapp said animals that were slaughtered in Australia would “not endure the torturous conditions of a sea journey” or risk suffering an inhumane and painful death in an overseas abattoir.

“The federal government’s policy to phase out live exports is supported by four in every five Australians, and this support increases if farmers are supported to transition.”

The federal government has promised to end the live export of sheep by sea if it is elected for another term.

About 100 protesters held signs saying: “Suspend the ships”, “End live export” and “Legislate the date”.

Nationals leader David Littleproud called on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to meet with Western Australian live sheep export farmers during his visit to the state.

He also accused the federal government of suppressing an independent report into the consequences of phasing out the live sheep export trade.

“The prime minister and his cabinet are treating Australian farmers with contempt by hiding the report … despite previously committing to providing more certainty by the end of 2023,” Mr Littleproud said.

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