23 May, 2024
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Australian Arab Business Council: Celebrating 15 Years of Success and Solidarity


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On the evening of Wednesday, 13 September, at the grand Villa Blanca Reception in Bankstown, the Australian Arab Business Council (AABC) held a night to remember. Celebrating 15 years of continuous growth, achievements, and partnerships, the evening was a testament to the drive, passion, and commitment of its diverse members.

Spanning over a decade and a half, the AABC’s journey is a vibrant tapestry of different industries, experiences, and marketing demographics. Yet, the thread that weaves them all together is their unyielding dedication to mutual support and the shared ambition of success.

“As an organisation, we have seen members take bold ventures both collectively and individually. We have borne witness to remarkable successes that sprouted from collaboration, celebrated partnerships that have flourished over time, and admired initiatives that have paved the way for both individual and collective growth,” shared a representative from the AABC.

The evening was not just about reminiscing the past but also about looking forward. As the representative added, “Tonight is a preview. Our forthcoming dinner event will delve deeper into the journeys of our members, spotlighting their success and underscoring the invaluable role of business networking in fostering tangible growth.”

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Highlighting the event, three members from the AABC shared their success stories, providing attendees with a glimpse of the varied achievements within the council:

Samir Maarabani from Australian Chemical Research discussed the breakthroughs his organisation has achieved in the chemical industry, many of which were catalysed through AABC facilitated partnerships.

Issa Shaweesh from PMRT Consultants highlighted the strides they have taken in the consulting realm, attributing a significant part of their growth to the networking and resources provided by the AABC.

Finally, George Bousamra from Syncorp Consulting shed light on how business networking has played a pivotal role in their consulting successes and thanked the AABC for being the bridge to many of these opportunities.

The evening was a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and commitment. As members of the AABC mingled, shared stories, and celebrated, it was evident that the council’s mission has always been more than just business. It is about building lasting relationships, fostering growth, and creating a tight-knit community of professionals who uplift each other at every step of the way.

As the night drew to a close, the message was clear: The Australian Arab Business Council is not just an organisation; it’s a family. And as they gear up for the next 15 years, their united spirit is bound to lead them to even greater heights.

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