24 April, 2024
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Campsie Rotary Club’s Essential Dental Health Session


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On February 20, 2024, the Campsie Rotary Club organized a program at the Rotary Community Centre, focusing on the topic of common diseases in the oral cavity. This health session was made to give its participants, Rotarians, and their guests, tips on better self-care for their teeth.

The highlight of the day was an expert talk by Dr. Abraham Constantin, a dentist with 37 years of experience, and known for his volume of work in the field of dentistry. He was chosen to lead the subject, educating those in attendance on most of the important information about maintaining good oral hygiene.

The course for the event was set to tackle crucial questions concerning the root of tooth decay, gum problems like gingivitis, and the major issue of periodontitis. The mini-course was a much-anticipated element to address proper protection and means of averting and dealing with the impacts of these health menaces.

Periodontitis, as well as cavities and gingivitis, was showcased to underline the late journey of untidy care and to edge serious support for a solid cleanup crew: brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

In conclusion, the dental health program organized by the Campsie Rotary Club on February 20, 2024, was an illuminating and initiative-driven event. It provided not just the Rotarians but their guests with actionable and application-first tips on elevating their oral health regimens

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