23 February, 2024
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Community Leaders and Dignitaries Unite at Mr. Remy Wehbe’s Residence in Welcoming Lebanese MP Ahmad Kheir


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In an extraordinary gathering of community leaders, political figures, and influential personalities, Mr. Remy Wehbe’s residence in Bass Hill hosted a significant event on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, celebrating the visit of His Excellency Mr. Ahmad El Kheir, Member for Parliament for the Minieh-Dennieh area in Tripoli. The event, organized by Oz Arab Media, saw a convergence of diverse groups and individuals, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the community.

The event commenced with a warm welcome to all guests by the evening’s Master of Ceremonies, Christine Nassif. She honored the traditional custodians of the land, paying respects to their elders past, present, and emerging, before introducing the prominent guests.

The event was marked by the presence of several notable figures, including The Honourable Lynda Voltz, The Honourable Julia Finn, Anthony D’Adam MP, David Saliba MP, Nathan Hagarty MP, Charishma Kaliyanda MP, and local leaders like Mayor Bilal El Hayek, Deputy Mayor Rachelle Harika, Clr Clare Raffan, and former Mayor Clr Khal Asfour of the city of Canterbury Bankstown, as well as Deputy Mayor Ola Hamed of the City of Cumberland. Their presence underscored the event’s significance in fostering community relations and dialogue.

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Highlighting the cultural diversity, representatives from various Lebanese political parties like the Free Patriotic Movement, the Lebanese Forces, Marada, Independent Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, Democratic Left, and the Ahrar (Liberal) Party graced the event. Lebanese organizations such as the Maronite Council, The Maronite Catholic Society, The Druze Association, The World Lebanese Cultural Union, Beit al Zakat, and Majles Hiwar al Hadarat also played a pivotal role, showcasing the unity and strength within the Lebanese community in Sydney.

The highlight of the evening was a series of speeches by key figures, including the host, Mr. Remy Wehbe, Director of Oz Arab Media, a retired Major in the Lebanese Army and CEO of Remy Wehbe Investments. The Honourable Lynda Voltz and Councilor Bilal El Hayek also addressed the gathering, emphasizing community development and collaboration as well as the importance of Lebanese individuals hailing from Minieh – Tripoli in Sydney.

A special message was delivered by Mr. Fawaz Zreika from the Minieh Association, reinforcing the spirit of community service and involvement. In his speech, he also highly praised Mr. Wehbe for his sacrifice to Lebanon as a valuable member of the army. He also mentioned Mr. Khalil Wehbe, Remy’s father, who was also a prominent figure in the Lebanese army, as well as Mr. Remy’s son who is currently in training to become an officer in the Australian army.

The guest of honor, Mr. Ahmad El Kheir, a prominent advocate for youth and the new generation, shared his insights and experiences. Elected to the Lebanese parliament in 2022, his speech focused on empowerment and the role of the youth in shaping the future especially in the current political landscape with the absence of a president and the crisis in Gaza.

An interactive question-and-answer session followed, where Mr. El Kheir engaged with the audience, answering queries and sharing his vision for community growth and collaboration.

The event concluded with inspiring words from Dr. Abraham Costantin, a renowned dental surgeon and CEO. His speech paved the way for a delightful buffet dinner, allowing guests to mingle and reflect on the evening’s proceedings.

This gathering at Mr. Remy Wehbe’s residence was not just a celebration of a visit but a testament to the unity, diversity, and strength of the community in Sydney. It set a precedent for future collaborations and mutual respect among diverse groups in the region.

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