13 July, 2024
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Egypt raises gasoline prices, maintains diesel at same level


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Fri, 2022-02-04 12:25

RIYADH: Motorists in Egypt have seen petrol prices rise by EGP0.25 ($0.016) after the country’s fuel pricing committee signed off on an increase.

The fuel price increase took effect starting Friday morning, and will last till March, the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said, citing the committee.

The decision stated that the price of 80-octane gasoline rose to EGP7.25 per liter, 92 octane gasoline to EGP8.50 per liter and 95 octane gasoline to EGP9.50 per liter. 

The price of diesel was fixed at EGP6.75 per liter.

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