24 February, 2024
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Egypt’s MisrSat 2 satellite launched into space


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The Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) announced on Monday the launch of the MisrSat 2 satellite from the Jiuquan launch base in China.

This comes as part of a technical and economic cooperation agreement between Egypt and China.

A team of engineers from EgSA, alongside Chinese experts, participated in all stages of designing and manufacturing the satellite.

The Egyptian team succeeded in implementing a component of the satellite, making this the first Egyptian product launched into space.

The various models of the satellite were assembled, integrated and tested at the Assembly, Integration and Test Center at the Egyptian Space Agency – the largest of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, established under a strategic partnership between Egypt and China.

The MisrSat 2 satellite serves the country’s sustainable development goals, through the use of space technology to develop vital fields including agriculture, exploring mineral resources, identifying surface water sources.

It will also study the effects of climate change on the environment while contributing to the Egyptian economy.

The satellite enhances Egypt’s role as a pioneer by providing training programs aimed at qualifying specialized cadres on the African continent and the Middle East, providing them with satellite data.

The Xinhua news agency said that China helped Egypt send a remote-sensing satellite into orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Monday.

“The satellite MisrSat-2, launched by a Long March-2C carrier rocket at 12:10 pm (Beijing Time), will be used in Egypt’s land and resource utilization, water conservancy, agriculture, and other fields,” it reported.

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