13 July, 2024
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Empathy in Action: Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown Pledges Support to Shepherd of Egypt Through Oz Arab Media’s Gala Dinner


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In their general meeting for November, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown confirmed its decision to back the Shepherd of Egypt charitable organization during Oz Arab Media’s forthcoming gala dinner in May 2024. This gesture includes organizing raffles and auctions, with all proceeds going to Shepherd of Egypt, spotlighting the spirit of charity and community engagement shared among the organizations. This was following a comprehensive presentation made by Ms. Viviane Awad, the Fundrasing & Partnerships Manager for the Shepherd of Egypt at the Bankstown RSL.

The Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, located in a diverse and dynamic area, embodies the harmony of various ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. Established back in the 1950s, the Club has a rich history of community service. Recently, they have been in the spotlight for their humanitarian efforts, particularly in tackling food insecurity alongside the organization One Meal, illuminating the plight of over 2 million Australians facing hunger daily. During this year’s inaugural Oz Arab Media gala dinner, the club raised around $6,000 which were sent to support the refugees of the Myanmar crisis at the behest of Mrs. Sophia Sarkis, the winner of Mrs. Universe Australia Charity Queen in 2022.

On the other side, the Shepherd of Egypt (SoE) operates with a core objective of enhancing the living standards of Egypt’s most vulnerable populations, providing them with much-needed aid and an avenue towards a better quality of life. The organization has a notable footprint in the realms of health, institutional development, and logistics, thus making a tangible difference in the lives of more than 30 million individuals struggling with poverty.

Oz Arab Media, as a conduit for this collaborative humanitarian venture, will be hosting its second gala dinner following the success of its inaugural event held on May 19, 2023. The maiden gala was a glittering affair held at the luxurious Doltone House in Bossley Park, celebrating excellence and community involvement, with over 550 guests in attendance including representatives for both Prime Minister Albanese and Premier Chris Minns, as well as a wide array of businessmen and dignitaries representing different industries and organisations. This year, the spotlight will be on the collaborative effort between the Lions Club and Shepherd of Egypt, amplifying the ethos of empathy and actionable support to those in need.

Through this collaboration, the ripple effect of goodwill is bound to stretch beyond geographical and cultural boundaries, weaving a narrative of hope and active engagement, that other communities might be inspired to emulate.

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