24 April, 2024
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Hamas expects cheers from the world after each terrorist act


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Following October 7 pogrom and massacring Israeli citizens, raping girls and women and abducting a large number of people including Westerners, mega-terror outfit Hamas was expecting appreciation from the world instead of punitive measures from the United States and the Western countries. That is exactly what – sitting in Syria, Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk told Egypt’s Alghad TV.

Marzouk was asked – “When the [al-Qassam] brigades did what they did on October 7, did they have any expectations regarding the consequences of the attack?” Marzouk responded that nobody had anticipated Israel’s response.

“Nobody in the whole world expected them to be so barbaric. And in such violation of all international laws, treaties, and norms. Nobody expected the [Israeli response] to be so barbaric because, ultimately, the resistance fights soldiers. It is not fighting civilians with planes and tanks”.

The same Hamas official claimed in October 2023 that terror tunnels had been constructed to protect Hamas terrorists and that it was Israel’s and the United Nation’s responsibility to protect Palestinian civilian lives.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has been forced to fight on Gazan terrain as Hamas has a large amount of military infrastructure built within civilian areas of Gaza.

Despite evacuations in Gaza, the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry has claimed that over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began operations.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Relief Agency (UNRWA) has come under intense scrutiny as mega-terror outfit Hamas server farm was discovered beneath its headquarters in Gaza while according to media reports Israeli intelligence found that at least a dozen of UNRWA employees were directly involved in October 7 Hamas pogrom in Israel, and at least 1,200 of employees of UNRWA had ties to Hamas. Additionally, according to UN Watch report, over 3,000 UNRWA employees cheered on October 7 on private communications channels.

According to media reports, Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk was asked by the interviewer – “What would you have done if you had expected these consequences?”

Ignoring the question, which seemed to ask Marzouk if Hamas would have attacked on October 7 if it had known that Israel would respond the way it has, Marzouk said, “Nobody expected that the Western powers, the US and Britain, would wage a war against civilians. Nobody had expected that.

Taking the initiative, Marzouk asked the interviewer: “Do you think that anyone in the world could have expected there to be a world war? In the sense that America, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Spain – all of them would gather armies, and the US would send two of the largest aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean Sea, all in order to fight a movement?

“By what logic could anyone had expected that the US and the entire West would unite without exception to wage war against a movement? Who could have expected this?”

Only a day after Hamas launched its massive terror attack, where they murdered over 1200 people and kidnapped over 240 more, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the US would move a carrier strike group closer to Israel. This strike group included the US would move a carrier strike group closer to Israel. This strike group included the USS Gerald Ford carrier.

The Gerald Ford, spanning 333 meters in length and 78 meters in width, is the first completely new US aircraft carrier in four decades, Walla! reported. It is designed with enhancements to reduce radar signature and to boost efficiency.

The mass Western response to October 7, which Marzouk claimed could not have been anticipated, may also be connected to the large number of foreign nationals killed and kidnapped during the attack.

While Israel is fighting Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza, global media has been increasingly becoming hostile towards the Jewish State, while key patrons of Hamas – Iran and Qatar are spending lavishly in using international media against Israel. In addition to media assault targeting Israel and Jews, Hamas patrons also are continuing numerous types of propaganda warfare – even under the garb of diplomatic approach. Anti-Semite elements as well as enemies of Israel and making frantic bids in compelling Jerusalem to withdraw from Gaza and grant fresher scope to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups in gaining strength for fresher attacks on the Jewish State.

In my opinion, Israel’s military offensives in Gaza may not succeed in seeing any real result until there is change of administration in the United States. Once Joe Biden’s presidency ends and Donald Trump assumes office, he can resolve the crisis by exerting pressure on Qatar by imposing a series of punitive sanctions on the Qatari ruling family and their business enterprises, freezing their assets thus compelling them in handing over Hamas kingpins to the US authorities. At the same time, the global business conglomerate of Hamas should also be either eliminated or confiscated by the United States. Iran, Qatar and Hamas must be made compelled to bite the dust. That is the only way to being peace in Gaza and beyond.

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