24 February, 2024
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Hyenas Force Sudan East County Residents to Stay Indoors


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Hyenas have become a threats in Mundri East County. Speaking to the Eye Radio based in juba, the commissioner said that these hyenas have been targeting goats, sheep and chicken.  

However, the commissioner Margaret Fozia explained that these wild animals have been destroying the village, and they don’t even fear humans; instead, they attack at night and bring further destruction.

The commissioner told Eye radio that the hyenas were moving in packs when they chase cattle including goats and sheep in the area during night time. They even attacked a solider before he shot a bullet into the air, frightening them away.

The county official also explianed that the scavengers are really disturbing people in Lui Payem while hunting goats at night.

Another official also claimed that a man who had taken his cows to graze set up a trap and was able to kill one of these hyenas.

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