23 May, 2024
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IWAA Celebrates Roselands Office Opening with Distinguished Guests and Community Leaders


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In a significant event marked by community spirit and collaborative efforts, the Islamic Women’s Association of Australia (IWAA) celebrated the official opening of its Roselands office in New South Wales. Held on 29 November, this memorable evening at 1092 Canterbury Road, Roselands, was graced by the presence of The Hon. Jihad Dib MP, Mohamed Khalil, the Consul General of Egypt, Sue Hamdoush, IWAA Manager for NSW, VIC, and SA, and other esteemed community leaders and members of the IWAA organisation.

IWAA, a non-for-profit organisation, has been at the forefront of offering a myriad of services to the community, particularly catering to the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) groups. With its roots spreading across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, IWAA has become synonymous with compassionate and effective support in areas of Aged Care, disability support, community development, and settlement support services. This expansion and dedication have been made possible through the support and funding from state and Federal Government.

The Roselands office inauguration was not just a celebration of a new location but a testament to IWAA’s unwavering commitment to serving the community. The evening was filled with speeches that highlighted and praised the remarkable work done by IWAA. The Hon. Jihad Dib MP eloquently spoke about the organisation’s impact on the community, particularly during times of mourning loss and oppression worldwide.

Mohamed Khalil, the Consul General of Egypt, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the vital role IWAA plays in bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity within the diverse Australian community. Sue Hamdoush, overseeing IWAA’s operations in NSW, VIC, and SA, shared insights into the organisation’s future plans and ongoing projects, reflecting the dynamic and adaptive nature of IWAA’s services.

The event was more than a mere opening of an office; it was a celebration of resilience, strength, leadership, and courage. These qualities, as repeatedly highlighted by the speakers, are the pillars on which IWAA stands. The evening was also an opportunity for networking, where community members, leaders, and dignitaries exchanged ideas and pledged continued support for IWAA’s noble cause.

As IWAA opens its doors in Roselands, it stands as a beacon of hope and support for many. This expansion marks another milestone in IWAA’s journey towards creating a more inclusive and supportive society. The organization continues to inspire and lead with its exceptional services, making a profound difference in the lives of many across Australia.

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