Lebanon shocked by violent crimewave against medical staff


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Fri, 2022-02-04 22:38

BEIRUT: Hospital emergency departments have been mired in violence and a dentist was killed in his clinic in a week that saw violent crime rise in Lebanon.

Violence has not been limited to medical workers, with a child kidnapped from his mother and organized armed gangs running riot in various regions.

The Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon said it fears that hospitals could become a “punching bag” for a frustrated populace struggling through the economic crisis.

Doctors have claimed that several of the security incidents relate to rising hospital bills.

The Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon has expressed concern whether hospital staff was becoming a ‘punching bag’ amid the economic crisis. (File/AFP)
A boy walks past Lebanese police patrol cars in Souk Sabra in the southern suburbs of the Lebanon's capital Beirut. (AFP file photo)
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