28 February, 2024
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Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown and Council Collaborate to Raise Funds through ‘Carols in the Park’


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In a significant community effort, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, in collaboration with the council of the city of Canterbury Bankstown, successfully organized a fundraising event during the council’s ‘Carols in the Park’ annual Christmas event on Saturday, December 2, at Wiley Park Amphitheatre. This festive event, attended by over 3,000 people, raised over $2,000, with proceeds going towards various charity and service activities.

The event saw an impressive turnout at the Wiley Park Amphitheatre, where the community gathered to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, known for its dedication to community service, played a pivotal role in the event and ensuring its success through the barbecue organized by the club, which catered to close to 1,000 people from 4 PM to 8 PM. The menu featured a variety of dishes including sausage sizzles, steak sandwiches, tabbouli, a range of drinks, and traditional Christmas cakes. This diverse selection showcased the multicultural essence of the community and added to the festive atmosphere of the event.

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Around 10 volunteers from the Lions Club, along with their families, actively participated in the event, demonstrating their commitment to serving the community. Their efforts were instrumental in managing the large crowd and ensuring that everyone had a pleasant experience.

However, the event faced an unforeseen challenge towards the end. A thunderstorm, accompanied by very heavy rainfall, forced the event to close early at 8:30 PM. Despite this abrupt end, the spirit of the community remained undampened, with many expressing appreciation for the opportunity to come together and support worthwhile causes.

The CBLions’ participation in the ‘Carols in the Park’ event at Wiley Park Amphitheatre not only succeeded in raising significant funds for charity but also strengthened the bonds within the Canterbury Bankstown community. It highlighted the power of collaboration and the impact of collective efforts towards making a positive difference in society.

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