Maronite Catholic Society of Australia Welcomes New Board Member Damian Kaltoum


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In a recent announcement, the President, Board Members, and Members of the Maronite Catholic Society (MCS) of Australia expressed their heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to Damian Kaltoum on his appointment as a new board member. This significant appointment marks a new chapter in the Society’s journey, as they eagerly anticipate working together to further their mission and vision, as well as in Damian’s journey, bringing forth new zeal and spirit to the MCS.

The Maronite Catholic Society, a cornerstone of the Maronite community in Australia, was established over three decades ago. As an incorporated Maronite organisation, its primary focus has been to assist the Eparchy in nurturing and promoting the rich Maronite tradition and heritage.

Damian Kaltoum brings a unique blend of professional and academic expertise to the Society. As a sales specialist at Town and Country Real Estate (TCRE), he has honed skills that will be invaluable in his role on the MCS board. His educational background, with a Bachelor of Engineering from Western Sydney University and a Certificate IV in Building and Construction from TAFE NSW, adds a technical and pragmatic perspective to the board’s capabilities.

Moreover, as the son of Elie Kaltoum, a representative of Oz Arab Media, Damian is no stranger to the importance of community and media relations. This connection will undoubtedly aid in the MCS’s efforts to reach wider audiences and strengthen community ties.

The appointment of Damian Kaltoum is seen as a promising development for the Maronite Catholic Society of Australia. His diverse background, combined with his commitment to the Maronite faith and community, aligns perfectly with the Society’s goals and aspirations. As the MCS continues its mission to preserve and promote Maronite traditions, the addition of Damian Kaltoum to their board is a step towards a vibrant and dynamic future for the Maronite community in Australia.

Oz Arab Media wishes the Maronite Catholic Society and Damian Kaltoum all the best.

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