22 February, 2024
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NSW Government and Rotary Australia announce donation fund to support families of Greta bus tragedy


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The NSW Government will donate $100,000 to a newly established fund to support the families of the Greta bus tragedy.

The accident on Sunday June 11 is profoundly tragic event that has impacted the whole NSW community, but particularly the close-knit community of Cessnock and Singleton.

The NSW Government is committed to supporting families and loved ones impacted by this tragedy.
The fund will be co-managed by the NSW Government and Rotary Australia, and will provide benevolent relief and support to survivors, victims, and their immediate families from the events of the fatal bus accident.

Members of the public looking to support the families and injured through a donation are encouraged to visit www.rawcs.org.au. The fund will be able to collect and dispense swiftly to those in need.

Premier Chris Minns will make the donation from the Premier’s Discretionary Fund.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said:
“This is understandably a tragedy that has been felt right across the state.”

“When tragic events like this occur, it’s the Australian way to reach out and support one another.

“I know many people are looking at ways to support the families affected by this heartbreaking accident, and I encourage people to donate directly through the website – it’s the quickest way to get funds to those who need them most.”

Mayor of Singleton Council Sue Moore said:
“This accident has rocked our close-knit community – the ripples are being felt across Singleton as people come to terms with the scale of the loss and impact.

“I know the people of Singleton are big hearted and generous, and this fund is a straightforward way that people can show their support and know that the help will go directly to those that need it.”

Mayor of Cessnock City Council Jay Suvaal said:
“What the families of those bus passengers are going through is unimaginable.

“The people of this region have already opened their homes and their businesses to support those families who are now so desperately in need, and this fund will add another way in which anyone – in Cessnock, in Singleton and across the state – can donate a little or a lot to help.”

Chris Minns

Premier of New South Wales

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