NSW Government establishes Respect at Work Advisory Group


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The NSW Respect at Work Advisory Group has been established, to ensure coordinated and effective action across government and non-government leaders to address workplace sexual harassment. 

Workplace sexual harassment occurs in every industry and is unacceptably common in Australia. The most recent data from the Australian Human Rights Commission found a third of Australians have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.  

Work is already underway to curb sexual harassment in the workplace in NSW, with SafeWork NSW launching a four-year strategy to stamp out sexual harassment in the workplace. 

A new, dedicated team focused on addressing gender-based harmful workplace behaviours, the SafeWork NSW Respect at Work Taskforce will lead the implementation of the strategy. 

This includes educating NSW businesses on their duties to prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment before it occurs and take appropriate enforcement action to protect workers. 

The NSW Respect at Work Advisory Group will be led by SafeWork NSW and will be supported by Minister Sophie Cotsis and Minister Jodie Harrison.

The NSW Government is committed to fostering safer and more respectful workplaces in NSW.   

The Respect at Work Advisory group, strategy and SafeWork will drive efforts to prevent specialise in the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

The Advisory Group will inform the Government’s approach to regulating workplace sexual harassment and ensure efforts are coordinated with key NSW and Commonwealth Government agencies working to address sexual harassment.  

The Advisory Group is comprised of:

  • SafeWork NSW 
  • Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW  
  • Australian Human Rights Commission 
  • NSW Women’s Safety Commissioner 
  • Legal Aid NSW  
  • NSW Police Force 
  • NSW Public Service Commissioner 
  • Women NSW, Premier’s Department 
  • Full Stop Australia  
  • Australian Institute of Health and Safety 
  • Australian Industry Group 
  • Unions NSW 
  • Our Watch 
  • Muslim Women Australia 
  • Professor Rae Cooper, AO 

The NSW Respect at Work Advisory Group will meet for the first time on the 24th of October 2023. 

The NSW Government has resources for business and workers on how they can help prevent sexual harassment in their workplaces and what they can do if they experience workplace sexual harassment. To access visit: nsw.gov.au/respect-at-work

Quotes to be attributed to Minister for Industrial Relations and Work Health and Safety, Sophie Cotsis:  

“The prevalence of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces is incredibly concerning and we believe the collaboration that the NSW Respect at Work programs will help reduce this”. 

“My expectation is that we listen to the feedback from the experts”.

Quotes to be attributed to Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Assault, Jodie Harrison:   

“Workplace sexual harassment has a profound impact on individuals and undermines workplace productivity.

“The establishment of the NSW Respect at Work Advisory Group is an important step in reducing the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and making sure people can feel safe at work.

“The work the Advisory Group will do in prevention is absolutely key to changing the culture in workplaces to one of respect and inclusiveness.”

Sophie Cotsis
Minister for Industrial Relations
Minister for Work Health and Safety

Jodie Harrison

Minister for Women

Minister for Seniors

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Assault

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