29 February, 2024
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Oz Arab Media Announces Launch of Oz Arab Radio in Partnership with Sawaki Group


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Oz Arab Media, in collaboration with Sawaki Group and Radio 2000 FM, is proud to announce the launch of its new digital radio station, Oz Arab Radio. This groundbreaking platform will broadcast Arabic, English, and international music, as well as a diverse range of programs catering to an Australian, Arab, and global audience.

Oz Arab Media is dedicated to supporting the diverse Arab communities in Australia, providing news, articles, and opinions about the Arab diaspora both in Australia and their home countries. By sourcing news articles from a variety of local and international sources and authors, Oz Arab Media aims to foster a deeper understanding of the issues that affect the community onshore and abroad. Committed to sustainability and environmental protection, the company utilizes online platforms and social media to spread its message, thanks to its team of experienced digital marketers and social media consultants.

Sawaki Group, founded in 2013, is a media company specializing in covering the cultural, artistic, and other activities of the Iraqi and Arab community. With television, radio, and other outlets in Sydney, Australia, and an office in Baghdad, Sawaki Group shines a light on the achievements and talents of Iraqis and Arabs in Australia, while also promoting the rich culture of Mesopotamia. In partnership with Radio 2000 FM, Sawaki Group broadcasts a daily program in Arabic on 98.5 FM.

Under the leadership of Radio Programs Director Dr. Alaa Alawadi and Media Manager Charbel Tadros, Oz Arab Radio aims to foster cultural understanding and appreciation by showcasing a rich variety of content to a worldwide listener base.

Oz Arab Radio aims to be a unique online broadcasting platform dedicated to serving Australia’s diverse Arabic-speaking community. By offering a rich blend of news, cultural programs, music, and entertainment, the station aims to foster a deeper understanding and connection among Arabic-speaking individuals across Australia. Oz Arab Radio prides itself on promoting unity, inclusivity, and cultural exchange by providing a space for people to engage in meaningful dialogue and celebrate their shared heritage.

Oz Arab Radio is now available on Android and iOS devices, ensuring seamless access for listeners on the go. In addition, the station can also be streamed through smart home devices such as Google Nest and Amazon Alexa, allowing for effortless integration into users’ daily routines.

The response to Oz Arab Radio’s launch has been overwhelmingly positive, with an impressive number of downloads and listeners both in Australia and internationally. This strong start signifies the platform’s potential to become a leading voice in the world of digital radio.

For more information about Oz Arab Radio and to explore its diverse range of programs, visit the official websites at ozarab.media and ozarab.net.

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