04 March, 2024
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Oz Arab Media Delegation Visits Fr. Louis Ferkh at St. Charbel’s Church


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On Thursday, December 21, the Oz Arab Media delegation embarked on a special visit to St. Charbel’s Church in Punchbowl. Their purpose was to meet with Fr. Louis Ferkh, a figure deeply respected in the community and by the founders of Oz Arab Media personally. Fr. Louis, formerly the Father Superior for the parish, had been on a mission in Lebanon for the past few years and was currently in Australia for a brief visit.

This reunion was significant, not just for its sentimental value but also for the exchange of ideas and information it facilitated. Fr. Louis, with his unique position having served in both Lebanon and Australia, brought invaluable insights from his recent experiences in Lebanon. He shared detailed updates about the current situation in the country, offering a nuanced perspective that was eagerly received by the delegation.

The discussions extended beyond mere updates, delving into Fr. Louis’s future plans and the potential for collaboration between Lebanon and Australia. His strategies and visions were seen as a bridge, fostering stronger connections and support networks between the two communities. The delegation was particularly interested in his perspectives on enhancing cultural and spiritual ties.

This visit underlined the ongoing efforts to strengthen cultural exchange and community solidarity. The dialogue between Fr. Louis and the Oz Arab Media delegation highlighted the dynamic relationship between the Lebanese community in Australia and their homeland. It demonstrated the critical role that religious and cultural leaders play in building and maintaining these connections.

As the meeting concluded, it was clear that it was more than just a reunion. It was a reflection of the enduring bonds between the Lebanese community in Australia and their roots in Lebanon. The plans and ideas exchanged promised to yield fruitful collaborations, poised to enrich the cultural and spiritual landscape of both communities.

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