Palestinians condemn violence after Hamas video shown


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The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network has labelled the screening of footage of Hamas’ attack on Israel a “desperate bid” to stem international criticism of its response in Gaza.

A group of Australian journalists on Tuesday were shown a compilation of videos of the October 7 attack, the first time the footage had been shown in the country.

The footage included videos filmed by Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organisation by the Australian government, as well as CCTV vision, videos taken by terrified victims and first responders.

Babies and small children were murdered, with their bodies burnt by the militants.

Piles of bodies of butchered Israelis were found in their homes, as blood streaked the floor and walls.

The video showed the bodies of gunned-down festival goers, including a woman found with her skirt hiked up around her waist and her underwear pulled down.

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network President Nasser Mashni said one atrocity did not justify another.

“Hamas’ actions occurred on one black day,” he said.

“Israel has been perpetrating that horror on the people of Gaza for 24 black days now and for over 27,000 days before October 7.”

 The death toll in Gaza has passed 8000, Palestinian authorities say. Image by EPA PHOTO 

Mr Mashni said the showing of the footage was a “desperate bid” to stem the  international criticism of the “war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza”.

“It is time people of good conscience in Australia demand that all life be equally valued, that all babies, women and men are precious,” he said.

At least 1400 Israelis were killed by Hamas and more than 230 were taken hostage.

Gazan authorities say the death toll among Palestinians has passed 8000 due to Israel’s retaliatory strikes.

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