27 February, 2024
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President Xi Jinping’s visits before Spring Festival touch hearts of people


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President Xi Jinping’s annual greetings and visits before the Spring Festival have become a cherished tradition in China, touching the hearts of people across the nation. As the country prepares for the festive season of the Chinese Lunar New Year, President Xi embarked on a tour to North China’s Tianjin Municipality on January 1 and 2, extending messages of goodwill, support, and confidence to all Chinese citizens.

In his capacity as the general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, President Xi conveyed his heartfelt wishes for good health and happiness to people of all ethnic backgrounds, including those in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities. His message of prosperity for the nation resonated deeply with the people, reflecting the spirit of unity and optimism as the Year of the Dragon approaches.

President Xi’s tradition of spending time with members of the public ahead of the Spring Festival underscores the Party’s commitment to people-oriented development and improving the well-being of all citizens. Visiting disadvantaged groups and extending festive greetings to them exemplifies the Party’s emphasis on inclusivity and social cohesion.

During his recent visit to Tianjin, President Xi prioritized people’s livelihoods, particularly in areas affected by natural disasters. In Diliufu village, which had suffered from extreme rainfall causing floods, President Xi interacted with local farmers and inspected the restoration efforts firsthand. His genuine concern for the well-being of the villagers and his emphasis on ensuring their security and prosperity resonated strongly with the community.

President Xi’s visits have not only brought warmth and encouragement to those affected by disasters but have also instilled confidence in businesses and entrepreneurs. By assuring the villagers of government support and emphasizing the importance of infrastructure development, President Xi reinforced the Party’s commitment to improving living standards and promoting rural revitalization.

The significance of President Xi’s visits extends beyond mere symbolic gestures. His hands-on approach and personal involvement in post-disaster reconstruction projects reflect the Party’s pragmatic leadership and its dedication to addressing the needs of the people. By visiting flood-hit households and inspecting reconstruction efforts, President Xi demonstrates the Party’s resolve to overcome challenges and build a better future for all.

Moreover, President Xi’s visits highlight China’s journey towards innovation and prosperity. From promoting ecological conservation to advocating for rural revitalization, President Xi’s vision for a harmonious and sustainable society is evident in his interactions with local communities. By championing technological innovation and green development, President Xi is steering China towards a path of inclusive growth and sustainable development.

As President Xi continues his tradition of extending festive greetings to the public, his visits serve as a reminder of the Party’s unwavering commitment to serving the people and realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. By fostering unity, promoting prosperity, and embracing innovation, President Xi is leading China towards a brighter and more prosperous future as it navigates through complex global challenges and secures its second centenary goal.