24 February, 2024
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Under 5s at risk because parents believe they are too young to learn to swim


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A new report commissioned by SWIMSAFER Week has revealed that 43% of families did not have their children in swimming lessons because they believed they were too young to learn to swim. The Report also revealed only 23% of parents believed their child was a capable swimmer and 56% were not confident their child could get themselves out of trouble in a water safety emergency.

In November, Swimz Guildford hoped to change parents’ minds by getting behind SWIMSAFER Week (November 20– 26), a week-long event designed to help parents understand swimming is an essential skill every child needs. Anu Bedi, owner of Swimz Guildford said the results of the SWIMSAFER Week report were cause for concern, particularly as last year in Australia 16 children aged 0-4 lost their lives to drowning. “Water safety experts agree that infants can and should start attending infant learn to swim programs from 6 months of age,” she said. “It’s important that parents get their children into lessons as soon as possible so they start to become confident and safe around water.”

Swimz Guildford joined over 1000 swim schools across Australia celebrating SWIMSAFER Week with a range of events including safety-focused swimming classes and water safety advice for parents. The swim school also promoted SWIM It Forward during SWIMSAFER Week – an initiative that aims to reduce the barriers for parents by generating funds to help families afford swimming lessons next year. “By donating one swimming lesson or just $20, people can potentially save a life by helping a child get back in the water and find their confidence. So far $100,000 has been generated and that is a lot of children gaining a lifesaving skill.” Additionally, free trial swim lessons were also available for that week at Swimz Guildford.

Parents can find more information or apply for a grant at www.swimsafer.org.au People can share the gift of a swimming lesson for the ‘SWIM It Forward’ initiative by donating at www.swimitforward.org.au. Further information on Swimming lessons at Guildford at www.swimz.com.au or by emailing [email protected]

SWIMSAFER Week was powered by PJ MASKS Power Heroes to encourage children’s love of the water and promote the value of swimming lessons. Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, who collaborated with industry bodies SWIM Australia and AUSTSWIM to support SWIMSAFER Week with a campaign featuring the heroes from the popular pre-school brand PJ MASKS. The campaign aims to inspire young children and parents on the importance of swim safety along with heroes Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they help children ‘power up’ their swimming.

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