21 May, 2024
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Vale Queen Elizabeth II; Long live King Charles III


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Early this year, Queen Elizabeth II, RIP, celebrated her Platinum Jubilee – 70 years as Monarch of the United Kingdom and the countries of the Commonwealth – she was the longest service Monarch.

On 8th September the same year, she died peacefully.  The entire world mourns the loss of our great Queen. 

Did one consider the big impact on many things, from the simple “God save the King”, “On His Majesty’s Service”. The Queen’s Counsel (QC) will become the King’s Counsel (KC).  Many of these changes will become instant and others could take years to take effect.

What does this mean for the currencies of the Commonwealth and in particular Australia?

Although the imprints of the face of her successor, the King to be, King Charles III is being prepared for the upcoming currencies, there is no intention of changing the currency in this current year, however, the new bulk currency printing will take place in the usual manner, early next year.

It is worth noting that the old currency will remain legal tender, however, will be phased out in the upcoming years.  How long would this phasing period last?

What about the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday traditionally celebrated in most states on first weekend of June, which, coincidentally, is not really Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, but in fact, it is that of her grandfather, King George V.

September 22 has been declared as a once-off public holiday in Australia and other countries of the Commonwealth.  There is talk of a Remembrance Day in the coming years, to celebrate the life of our late Queen.

Who would have considered that her Majesty’s death would result in these changes and many more.

God bless the Queen,

God save the King.

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