26 February, 2024
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West Ryde Chamber of Commerce Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Grand Networking Event


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Yesterday, the West Ryde Chamber of Commerce hosted its much-anticipated Christmas networking event at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, marking the culmination of a year filled with notable achievements and progress. This event, the final and most festive on the Chamber’s calendar, was not just a celebration but an opportunity for members to forge new connections and reflect on the year’s successes.

The evening was characterized by an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie, as local business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community figures gathered in the spirit of the holiday season. The venue was adorned with festive decorations, creating a warm and inviting backdrop for the attendees. The event offered a generous spread of finger foods and drinks, complementing the lively conversations and cheerful toasts that filled the room.

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One of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of the new board of directors by the president of the West Ryde Chamber of Commerce, Artin Etmekdjian. This announcement followed the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and was met with enthusiastic applause, as the new board members represent a diverse and dynamic team ready to lead the Chamber into a promising future.

In his address, President Etmekdjian emphasized the importance of community and collaboration, reflecting on the achievements of the past year and expressing optimism for the year ahead. He stressed the Chamber’s commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering a thriving business community in West Ryde.

Attendees of the event praised the quality of networking opportunities provided, highlighting the importance of such events in building strong business relationships and community ties. The evening was not just a testament to the resilience and spirit of the local business community but also a reminder of the power of coming together to celebrate and support each other.

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As the night drew to a close, the sense of anticipation and hope for the new year was palpable. The West Ryde Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas event was more than just a gathering; it was a beacon of community strength and unity, setting a positive tone for the new year.

In summary, the West Ryde Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas networking event was a resounding success, encapsulating the festive spirit and the sense of unity and expectation that characterizes this time of year. It was an evening that not only celebrated the past year’s achievements but also set the stage for a prosperous and collaborative new year.

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