28 February, 2024
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A Night of Legacy and Glamour: The Legacy International Pageant Crowning Event 2024


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On the splendid evening of February 3, 2024, the Kirribilli Club transformed into a spectacle of grace, beauty, and purpose as it played host to the prestigious Legacy International Pageant Crowning Event. The event, renowned for its dedication to celebrating women who have committed their lives to creating meaningful legacy projects, crowned the new Miss Australia and other titleholders for the year 2024. Channel 10’s Daniel Doody graced the occasion as the host, adding a touch of celebrity flair alongside a judging panel comprised of stars from the realm of reality TV.

The evening kicked off at 6 PM, with VIP guests given early access to the showroom, setting the stage for an unforgettable pageant show that commenced at around 7 PM. The event was more than a beauty pageant; it was a showcase of dedication, intelligence, and legacy projects that aim to make a significant impact in communities around Australia and beyond.

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The crowning of the titleholders was the highlight of the evening. Yeukai Ota was honored with the title of Mrs. Australia Legacy International 2024, a testament to her outstanding contributions and legacy project. Yashodhara Mazumder received the Mrs. People’s Choice award, recognized by the public for her remarkable efforts and charisma.

Precilla Kaur was crowned Miss Australia Legacy International 2024, a moment of pride and joy as she prepares to represent Australia and her legacy on the global stage in the USA come August. Heisha Chhotu won the hearts of many, earning her the title of Miss People’s Choice with her engaging project and presence.

In the Ms. category, Harashita Sharma was awarded Ms. Australia Legacy International, a title celebrating her impactful work and dedication to her cause. Sophie Albanna was named Ms. People’s Choice, highlighting her popularity and the public’s endorsement of her legacy initiative.

In addition to the remarkable women crowned in the adult categories, the Legacy International Pageant also shone a spotlight on the younger generation, who are already making waves in their communities and beyond. Shaheen Sharma was awarded the title of Miss Teen Australia Legacy International 2024. Her project, “Empowering the Future One Child at a Time,” focuses on uplifting children through education and mentorship, showcasing her commitment to fostering positive change from a young age. Meanwhile, Angel Ngure captured the title of Miss Pre-Teen Australia Legacy International 2024. Angel’s project, “Spreading Smiles Globally,” aims at bringing joy and happiness to underprivileged children around the world, proving that compassion and kindness know no age limit. These young ladies exemplify the pageant’s core values of legacy, service, and global impact, inspiring others to believe in the power of youth to enact change and spread positivity across borders.

The evening was not only about crowning the new queens but also about passing the torch from the existing titleholders to the new, symbolizing a continuous journey of empowerment, legacy building, and international representation. The newly crowned queens for 2024 are set to become prominent public figures in Australia, embodying the essence of the Legacy International Pageant and sharing their inspiring stories and projects with a global audience.

As the night concluded, the Kirribilli Club buzzed with discussions about the impressive projects and the bright futures awaiting these extraordinary women. The Legacy International Pageant Crowning Event of 2024 was indeed a celebration of beauty, brains, and benevolence, marking another milestone in the journey of empowering women to make a difference in the world.

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