Canterbury-Bankstown Mayoral Message: Harmony Week


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This week is internationally recognised as Harmony Week.
And the 21st of March is the day the United Nations observes for the elimination of racial discrimination across the globe.
Who would have thought that nearly 60 years after Martin Luther King gave his stirring Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech at the University of Oslo, we are still talking about racial discrimination.
Dr King accepted the award as racial tensions and injustices prevailed, and millions of Blacks fought for their civil rights and freedoms.
Across the world, people are encouraged to wear an orange ribbon on Harmony Day to signify, among other things, freedom of ideas and to encourage mutual respect.
Our City has a vibrant rich culture with more than 129 nationalities represented and around 200 languages spoken. And our message is quite clear, Everybody Belongs.
That message leaves no doubt that we encourage inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for all who live here, regardless of their cultural background.
Across the City, we have been holding family focused events with live entertainment to showcase the many different cultures. It is these events which celebrate and deepens the community’s resolve and social cohesion.
So, during this Harmony Week and beyond, let’s all strive to continue living together in harmony, and cast aside any prejudices which threaten to divide our beautiful City.

Yours Sincerely,

Clr Khal Asfour


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