24 April, 2024
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Elie Kaltoum Receives Certificate of Appreciation


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I was honoured to have received a certificate from the Honourable Shaoquett Moselmane MLC, in recognition of my contribution to charitable works.

The Honourable Moselmane has been a long serving senator, in parliament which is a true reflection of his dedication to his community. I have attended many charitable and multicultural events, including for multicultural media, hosted by Mr Moselmane.

Through my association with a number of charities, including the Bsharrie association Australian Federation of Qadisha Maronite Region and Rahme family charitable as, I have enjoyed being able to contribute to the needs of those who are struggling. I acknowledge the many other hardworking members of the committees I am involved in and my wife Mona who have also contributed and supported the causes. I am most proud to have assisted with the provision of four containers transporting goods to Lebanon. As many of us know too well from speaking to family and friends, many in Lebanon are in need of significant economic aid.

I am humbled to have been recognised in this way by the Honourable Shaoquett Moselmane 

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