20 July, 2024
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February 26, 2023 – Forgiveness Sunday: How to ask for forgiveness and why to do it


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February 25, 2023, 23:05 – BLiTZ – News February 26 is the seventh day of Pancake week, which begins on February 20 and ends on February 26. This is the oldest holiday, which is very revered in Russia. This day is called “Forgiveness Sunday”. On February 26, 2023, on Forgiveness Sunday, the BLiTZ learned how to ask for forgiveness correctly and why to do it.

The history of the appearance of Forgiveness Sunday

Forgiveness Sunday appeared in antiquity, back in the 5th-6th centuries. Egyptian monks asked each other for forgiveness before the Great Lent, which they spent outside the monasteries. Being alone in remote desert places, unfortunately, not everyone managed to return back.

Therefore, in case there was no chance to see each other again, the monks said goodbye with a request for mutual forgiveness. Subsequently, this custom went beyond the confines of the monasteries and then became the property of the laity.

Why on Forgiveness Sunday you need to ask for forgiveness

Forgiveness Sunday is the eve of Lent. On this day, it is important to ask for forgiveness and forgive friends and loved ones. Forgiveness is considered the first step towards repentance, so this is a kind of test for humanity and purification before Lent.

How to ask for forgiveness

On Forgiveness Sunday, you can repent not only personally, but also by phone or even mentally.

If you want to ask for forgiveness in person, then first make a bow, saying: “Forgive me, (name), in which I have sinned against you.” In response, a bow is also made with the words: “God will forgive you, and I forgive you.”

Of course, in our time, bowing can not be done. The point is something else. We must ask for forgiveness, hear a positive answer and put an end to mutual misunderstandings.

We will talk about what can and cannot be done on February 26 on the seventh day of Shrovetide on Forgiveness Sunday.