01 March, 2024
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Navigating Through the Storm: Nissy Mattar’s Journey Amidst a High-Profile Separation


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Before discussing Nissy’s separation and issues she is facing with her ex-husband, Nissy has asked us to convey her apologies to those who were affected by Jean Nassif’s mismanagement of Toplace. She would like to assure them that she had no hand in the day-to-day activities of the business nor in its managerial decision. Regardless, she empathises with all of Toplace’s wronged clients and assures them that she will collaborate with the law as much as she can and wherever she is required in order to reach an appropriate resolution.

In a world where nearly half of all marriages end in separation or divorce, the dissolution of the union between Jean Nassif and Nissy Mattar has garnered an unusual amount of public attention. Jean Nassif, a fugitive property developer, has not only left a trail of financial chaos in his wake but has also disrupted the sanctuary of his own home, impacting his wife and three young children.

In a candid interview with Joseph Najjar from Oz Arab Media, Nissy Mattar opened up about the intricate details of her marriage to Jean, revealing the emotional and psychological toll it has taken on her and her children.

Meeting Jean Nassif: A Blend of Charm and Complexity

Nissy recalls being a 20-year-old, juggling part-time work at a restaurant and pursuing her interests in psychology and performing arts when she met Jean. His lively personality, humour, and charm captivated her, providing a sense of feeling special and cherished in ways she hadn’t experienced before. Despite enjoying fancy outings and a seemingly glamorous lifestyle, Nissy emphasizes that their relationship had humble beginnings and was not without its challenges.

Sacrifices and Shifts: The Evolution of a Relationship

As their relationship evolved, Nissy found herself making significant sacrifices, particularly in her professional life. Initially, Jean was supportive of her pursuits in the arts, attending her shows and encouraging her endeavours. However, as they transitioned into family life, Nissy felt compelled to choose between her career and her family. She ventured into philanthropy and social work, utilizing her performing arts background to make a difference in the community, while also silently shouldering the burdens of her personal life.

The Unveiling of Unsettling Behaviours

Despite the happy moments, Nissy acknowledged the challenging behaviours exhibited by Jean, such as his excessive need for admiration, rapid mood swings, and moments of disrespect. These behaviours, which she initially believed they could navigate through, eventually became unsustainable, particularly as they were largely managed by her patience alone.

The Impact of a Toxic Relationship on Children

Nissy’s primary concern has always been the wellbeing of her three children. The separation and divorce have been notably difficult, with the children being subjected to emotional and financial instability. Nissy highlights instances where the children were deprived of basic needs and educational support due to Jean’s deliberate financial withholding. The emotional trauma inflicted upon the children through confusing and inappropriate conversations, as well as the disruption of their normalcy, is a point of significant distress for Nissy. When she reached out to Jean’s family and friends to request support for her and Jean’s children, the answer was to send them to their father in Lebanon, something Nissy simply cannot do as she will not give up on her children.

The Public Eye: Navigating Through Judgement and Misconceptions

Being in the public eye, Nissy has faced scrutiny and judgment from those unfamiliar with the intricacies of her situation. She has been labelled and slandered, both online and in public, by individuals who perceive her as complicit in Jean’s actions. Nissy emphasizes the importance of kindness and understanding, acknowledging that the struggles people face behind closed doors are often unseen and unappreciated.

Finding Strength in Adversity

Despite the challenges, Nissy has found strength in her faith, practices like yoga and meditation, and the support of friends, family, and her legal team. She has also found solace and distraction in opportunities that allow her to step away from her struggles momentarily, such as her recent trip to Singapore for the Hip Hop 50th Anniversary event.

A Plea for Consideration of Children in Conflict

Nissy’s story is not just a tale of a high-profile separation but is also a plea for the consideration of children caught in the crossfire of marital discord. Her experiences have illuminated the long-lasting trauma that children can experience when subjected to the emotional and financial battles of their parents.

In sharing her story, Nissy Mattar provided a glimpse into the complexities of navigating through a tumultuous separation under the public eye, while also advocating for the prioritization of children’s wellbeing in all familial conflicts. Her journey continues to unfold, as she endeavours to provide stability and support for her children amidst the ongoing storm.

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