25 July, 2024
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Organized gangs traffic Rohingyas into India through tunnels


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India is grappling with the issue of infiltrators, particularly Rohingya infiltrators from Bangladesh-Myanmar entering India illegally, have made the situation challenging for the country. When the Indian government attempts to bring legislation like the NRC to remove them, the opposition parties rally in support of these Islamic infiltrators. It is estimated that about 40,000 Rohingya infiltrators are illegally residing in India. Meanwhile, another estimate suggests that about 200 Rohingya Muslim infiltrators are pushed into India each month.

These Rohingya Muslim infiltrators are being housed in several states around the country, and an international human trafficking ring is also involved. The NIA team recently arrested this gang’s mastermind, Jalil Miyan. Jalil Miyan, who has a reward of Rs 1 lakh on his head, is an associate of the gang leader Jibon Rudra Pal alias Suman. The majority of the Rohingyas are from Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where they were denied citizenship in 1982. Since 2015, over 9 lakh of them have migrated to several countries, including Bangladesh and India.

While the NIA has nabbed Jalil Miyan, his accomplices Judge Miyan and Shanto are still at large. So far, 29 members of this gang have been arrested. In November 2023, the NIA had attempted to arrest Jalil Miyan, however, he managed to escape that time. Rohingya Muslims are being settled in India by providing bogus documents under a package worth 10-20 lakh rupees (14-28 lakh Bangladeshi Taka). The Indian government has declared them illegal immigrants and a threat to India’s national security.

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