Oz Arab Media Meets with Al Minia Charitable Association


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Al Minia Charitable Association, founded in 1978, is one of the oldest Lebanese-Australian non-profits in Sydney. With a long-standing reputation for active community service in Australia and Lebanon, the association has made a significant impact on the local and global community.

On February 24, 2023, Mr. Remy Wehbe, director of Oz Arab Media, and his team paid a courtesy visit to the association. The meeting was declared open by Mr. Mustafa Mahfoud, president of the ACA, who welcomed the guests, including Mr. Aref Shekhaidem, the mayor of Burj Al Arab in North Lebanon, and Mr. Remy Wehbe and the Oz Arab Media team.

During the meeting, Mr. Shekhaidem discussed various matters concerning the current situation in Lebanon and expressed his gratitude for the continuous support provided by the members of the association over the years.

Mr. Wehbe then introduced the Oz Arab Media team and provided an overview of their work in Australia and around the world. He extended an invitation to the members of the association to attend a gala dinner hosted by the media group on 19 May 2023. He also encouraged the association to share their news and press releases through Oz Arab Media.

The visit was a productive and informative exchange, with both parties gaining valuable insights and information. The Al Minia Charitable Association and Oz Arab Media continue to play significant roles in promoting and supporting the community, both locally and globally.

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