20 April, 2024
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Remy Wehbe Invites MP Adib Abdel Masih to Lunch with the Lebanese Community in Sydney


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Riviera Restaurant and Lounge in Chipping Norton was full of anticipation as the event began on a high note with close to a hundred distinguished guests from various sectors gathered, highlighting a sense of community and leadership essential for shaping a positive future. Attendees were first introduced to the host, Mr. Remy Wehbe, a figure known for his multifaceted career and impactful contributions. A retired Major in the Lebanese Army, Mr. Wehbe has successfully transitioned into significant roles in the civilian sector, currently serving as the Director of Oz Arab Media and CEO of Remy Wehbe Investments. His diverse experiences and leadership qualities set a tone of resilience and versatility for the day.

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The welcome continued as Ms. Kylie Wilkinson, the State Member for East Hills, took the stage. Her presence underscored the importance of political engagement and the role elected officials play in fostering community development and legislative progress.

Following Ms. Wilkinson, the audience was privileged to hear from Dr. Abraham Costantin, a name synonymous with excellence in dental surgery and leadership in global facial aesthetics training. His message, focused on the main responsibilities of a Member of Parliament in representing the people who elected them with honesty and dignity.

Clr. Charbel Abou Raad of Canterbury Bankstown then shared his thoughts, emphasizing local governance’s role in community well-being and development. He also praised the role Oz Arab Media is playing in shining the light on issues of significance to the whole community.

The highlight of the event was the address by a prominent Lebanese Member of Parliament, Mr. Adib Abdel Masih. Renowned for his active role in legislative discussions and dedication to initiating significant reforms, Mr. Abdel Masih’s speech was a testament to his balanced approach to policy-making. As a co-founder of the Parliamentary Renewal Bloc, he underscored his commitment to fulfilling electoral promises and advocating for progressive governance in Lebanon. His philanthropic endeavors, notably through the leadership in the NGO “We Are All Family,” further exemplified his commitment to the well-being of Lebanese citizens, showcasing a profound dedication to the nation’s development and democracy.

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The floor then opened for a question and answer session, where Mr. Abdel Masih answered with honesty and transparency, unafraid to name the parties responsible for various issues affecting the Lebanese community both within Lebanon and globally.

The event was a compelling reminder of the power of collective leadership, the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration, and the enduring strength of community bonds in driving positive change. Through the insights and commitments shared by each speaker, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism for the future, inspired by the examples of resilience, dedication, and integrity demonstrated throughout the day.

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