20 April, 2024
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South Sudan Embarks on Transformative Public Finance Management Initiative


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The Minister of Public Service and Human Resources Development in South Sudan has initiated the Public Finance Management program, aimed at overhauling the institution’s policy framework for improved management systems. The launch event, attended by a diverse group of experts, stakeholders, and citizens, marks a significant step towards enhancing administrative procedures within the ministry. This initiative is expected to foster the integration of digital technologies, thereby streamlining information systems.

The move towards digitalization is anticipated to safeguard the payroll system and substantially reduce corruption within the administrative sector. By introducing advanced human resources management practices, including biometric systems, the ministry aims to bolster its institutional capacity. This will not only facilitate the creation of efficient systems but also pave the way for significant payroll management reforms. The overarching theme of the event, “Reinventing, Deepening Transformation, and Enhancing Civil Service,” reflects the ministry’s commitment to driving substantial improvements in the civil service sector.

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