02 June, 2023
South Sudan Peace Talks Adjourned as Government and Non-Signatory Groups Fail to Reach Consensus


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According to government representatives, led by Presidential Affairs Minister Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, the peace talks between the government and non-signatory groups have reportedly been adjourned. The talks have been postponed until May 8th as both sides failed to reach a consensus on the adopted agendas to bring them together.

Minister Marial explained that while talks were cordial, there are some agendas that need further consultation. The purpose of the Rome talks is to bring holdout groups on board and end the five-year conflict in East Africa’s youngest nation. He further stressed the government’s commitment to the peace talks and that talks are moving in the right direction.

Last year, South Sudan withdrew from peace talks with rebel groups, accusing them of using the talks to buy time as they prepared for war. However, talks between the government and non-signatory groups, which did not sign a 2018 peace agreement, were brokered by a Catholic association in Rome with ties to end the long-standing political row in the nation. Negotiations began in 2019 but have failed to curb violence in the southern part of the country despite a relative ceasefire signed in January 2020.

In a November 21 statement last year, Minister Marial announced that the government had suspended its participation in the Rome peace talks until further notice. However, this year during the visit of Pope Francis, President Kirr immediately announced the resumption of peace talks with non-signatory groups and South Sudan opposition to bring lasting peace to the country.

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