Stadium Riots Interrupt Lebanon vs Syria World Cup Qualifiers


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While Lebanon was in desperate need of a win to preserve his chances in making the World Cup, the Syrian team was on a mission to even the score after their heartbreaking defeat against Lebanon in the same stadium.

The Syrian team came out of the gates running scoring the first goal of the game just 18 minutes through by their striker Alaa Al Dali.

And with both supporters present at the game things were bound to get bitter between the two sides.

After the Qatari referee whistled for a foul by the Lebanese midfielder Jihad Ayoub inside the box awarding a penalty to the Syrian side, which Mardikian successfully scored giving the Syrians a 2-0 lead at the 38th minute, things started to heat up.

On the 44th minute a defensive mistake by the Lebanese back line proved costly as they concede a third goal in the first half by Mohammad Al Marmour bringing Syria up 3-0.

Displeased by the refereeing the Lebanese supporters started rioting and throwing empty water bottles on the field, which caused a delay of the start of the second half. 

After the officials and the Lebanese coaching staff managed to get the fans back in order, the second half was able to start.

The Lebanese team put pressure on the Syrian defense but they came out empty-handed.

On the 71st minute the Syrian side was awarded a corner kick which angered the Lebanese fans even more as they resumed throwing numerous water bottles, forcing a delay of the game. The referees took the decision to only go through with the game if the fans were escorted out of the stadium.

Many fights broke out outside the stadium but were handled by the Lebanese Security Forces. On the field, both teams went scoreless in the last 29 minutes and Syria ended Lebanon’s chances of making it to the World Cup.

A number of players on both sides suffered minor injuries. And FIFA announced that some sanctions might be handed out later on.

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