28 May, 2023


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This time last year, Omar and Oz fasted for the month of Ramadan while taking on the challenges that Channel Nine’s labour-intensive reality renovation show The Block threw at them.

Despite the long hours and high-pressure environment, the best mates from Western Sydney powered through and proudly represented their Muslim community with their blockbuster win.

But this year, The Block 2022 winners are looking forward to spending Ramadan with their families and their community at Ramadan Nights Lakemba.

A Greenacre local, Oz has spent his fair share of time on Haldon Street and loves celebrating Ramadan with his friends and family.

“I’ve spent a lot of time here as a child and growing up through my adulthood,” Oz said.

“When you walk through Haldon Street after dark, you just see unity… people together, having something to eat, supporting small businesses.

“I just love how the greater community comes together and supports each other.”

For Oz, Ramadan is a month of celebration and bringing oneself closer to their faith.

“It’s a month of sacrifice and focus, but also a month of cleansing your soul and seeking forgiveness,” Oz said.

“I absolutely love Ramadan, obviously for the main significance around it, but also because it’s amazing to see the greater community get together to experience Ramadan as one.”

Ramadan Nights Lakemba will transform Haldon Street into a global food bazaar every night from 21 March – 20 April 2023, from dusk until 3am.

If you want to say hello to Omar and Oz, they will be hosting a meet and greet event on Wednesday 29March, 6pm.

“Come down to Haldon Street and enjoy the delicious food on offer… we hope to see you there!” Oz said.

For more details, visitcb.city/RamadanNights

About Ramadan Nights Lakemba

Ramadan Nights, one of Sydney’s most popular and culturally diverse event returns on 21 March. This spectacular month-long celebration of culture, sees Lakemba’s Haldon Street transformed into a vibrant global food bazaar from dusk to 3am.   

Each evening, there’s more than 75 local food vendors and stall holders. It’s the ideal place for you and your friends to experience cuisines from around the world, and for many Muslims to break their fast together.  

About Ramadan

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. The month of Ramadan is spent by people of Muslim faith fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. At the end of each day, Muslims gather for Iftar, the evening meal to break their fast.

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