Weekly Crosswords Puzzle

1. Amazon Creator
2. Capital of Lebanon
3. First Prime Minister of Australia in 1901
4. Actress who played Tomb Raider
5. Possessed with an intense but shortlived passion or admiration for someone.
6. International children's organisation acronym
7. Australian flightless bird related to dinosaurs
8. What did the buffalo say to his child who was leaving?
9. Animal science
10. Famous car brand
11. Faith of Tom Cruise
12. Chinese method of divination
13. Author of The Alchemist
14. Audiobook online platform
15. Arab scientist and philosopher known for his work on optics
16. Haphazard
17. You don't have to pay for it
18. Bow user
19. Has nothing
20. A historical region of Western Asia situated within the Tigris–Euphrates river system
21. Acronym for Australian government scheme for individuals with disability
22. Famous chocolate eggs for kids
23. First book in the bible
24. Opposite of profit
25. Famous social media platform
26. Who you gonna call?
27. Term used for sending letters using the internet
28. Australian telecommunications company
29. Person of the same age
30. Media company that created Moana