19 April, 2024
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Welcome to Welcoming Week


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This week is Welcoming Week, an annual campaign that celebrates communities that strive to be more welcoming to all people, including migrants, refugees, people seeking asylum and international students.
City of Canterbury Bankstown is a proud member of Welcoming Australia, according to Mayor Khal Asfour.
“Many former refugees call City of Canterbury Bankstown home and we are committed to welcoming all migrants and refugees to our City,” he says.
The theme for this year’s Welcoming Week is “Where We Belong”. Mayor Asfour notes that feeling a sense of belonging can be hard for new migrants and refugees and has announced that Council will host a new welcoming event.
“Arriving in a new country is challenging and it can take time to get to know your area and get that feeling of belonging. We want to kick start that process and so we’re trialling a new event to welcome migrants and refugees to their local area and help build on our strong, diverse communities.”
The welcome event will be for migrants and refugees new to the Roselands/Bunmarra ward. They will be introduced to the area with a bus tour and local service providers will be available to help them understand where they can find help and support. Morning tea will be provided, along with a picnic lunch at Salt Pan Wetlands in the middle of the bus tour.
Recent arrivals in Lakemba, Belmore, Roselands or Riverwood and sur-rounding areas are invited to take part in the welcome event on Friday 23 September from 10am-2pm. Please book in advance at cb.city/WelcometoRoselands or call 9789 9472.

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