Australian Arab Business Council’s Australian PropTech with Archistar


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Property Technology (prop-tech) is reshaping Australia’s $7.8 trillion real estate market. With over 600 prop-tech businesses in Australia alone and the industry is growing rapidly. Many have the vision and ability to expand overseas. 

The Australian Arab Business Council reached out to Dr Ben Coorey to discuss prop-tech in Australia and his journey in developing Archistar

Archistar revolutionises the way property professionals find, assess and design sites. Transform your months’ long process into ten minutes of simple site analysis. The all-in-one platform begins by giving you everything you need to know about any site. Archistar then provides lightning-fast feasibility, compliance checks and concept designs to help you understand what to do with your site.
Dr Benjamin Coorey
Founder & Ceo of Archistar

Dr. Benjamin Coorey is a global leading expert in architecture and generative design. Dr. Coorey completed a PhD in generative design and has dedicated his working career to consulting, educating and developing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the architectural design and property industries.

He has worked for a number of prestigious international architectural firms and his extensive research has been published in multiple international journals. He has presented at a range of conferences across Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, and Australia.

Wed 14th Sep 2022, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm AEST

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