22 July, 2024
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Those thinking of dumping rubbish illegally at Campsie will be forced to think again, as City of Canterbury Bankstown doubles down on actions to deter dumpers.

The latest in a series of illegal dumping prevention projects, the beautification of North Parade at Campsie, has been completed with a mission to deter dumpers and promote cleaner streets.

With its overgrown bushes and low visibility, North Parade was a hot spot for dumpers, with an average of five illegal dumping offences a month.

As part of the beautification project, abandoned vehicles and dumped rubbish were removed, while Council’s parks team cleared overgrown bushes, trimmed trees and laid fresh mulch – improving lines of sight and brightening up the area.

Surveillance cameras and signage have also been installed to catch those doing the wrong thing and dedicated Illegal Dumping Prevention Officers are continuing to roll out education campaigns in neighboring streets.

Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said a similar beautification project at Campsie’s Dispensary Lane has proven effective.

“We’ve seen a huge reduction in illegal dumping since bringing the laneway to life and we’re hoping to see the same success at North Parade,” Mayor El-Hayek said.

“Projects like this are a means of getting people to think twice before they dump their rubbish and we’ll be looking to roll it out at other locations across the City.”

NSW EPA Executive Director of Programs and Innovation Alexandra Geddes said this program was made possible thanks to an Illegal Dumping Prevention grant of $77,000.

“This is a great example of how illegal dumping prevention programs can not only stop criminal behaviour, but also benefit local communities by cleaning up and improving public spaces,” Ms Geddes said.

Since installing CCTV cameras across the City, Council has seen a 61% reduction in illegal dumping offences in priority areas.

Residents are encouraged to report instances of illegal dumping online at cb.city/ReportIt or by calling Council on 9707 9000.

This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy initiative, funded from the waste levy.

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