14 July, 2024
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Building Bridges Through Sport: Fangak and Panyikang Counties Host Peace Tournament


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Fangak County and its neighboring Panyikang County recently inaugurated a peace tournament, with Fangak hosting Panyikang for the opening match. This event aimed to foster peaceful coexistence and strengthen the ties between the two closely linked communities that have cohabitated for many years.

The tournament was spearheaded by youth leaders, with the active support of commissioners from both counties, who provided the necessary resources to ensure the success of the event. These communities have endured significant hardships due to ongoing conflicts.

Changkuoth Puok, Fangak’s Director of Culture, Youth, and Sports, shared with the media that in August 2022, civilians in Panyikang County were forcibly displaced from their homes due to clashes between the Agwelek forces led by General Olony and the Fangak White Army. Fortunately, residents have now returned to Panyikang County. Puok emphasized that despite ongoing conflicts in some regions, the youth of Fangak are committed to living peacefully with their neighboring communities.

This peace tournament symbolizes a significant step towards mending the frayed relationships between these neighboring counties. The opening match concluded with Fangak securing a 2-0 victory, witnessed by an impressive crowd of 45,000 attendees. This event highlights how football can unite people and foster unity across the globe.

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