20 June, 2024
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CBCC Takes Off to New Heights in Business After 5


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Yesterday marked another successful ‘Business After 5’ event at the William Inglis Hotel in Warwick Farm, NSW. The gathering, which took place on the evening of 15th May, was a meeting of minds from across the local business community, all gathered to explore the anticipated impacts of the Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) on Sydney’s south-west.

The evening began with the doors opening at 6.00 pm. As attendees began to arrive, they were greeted with a bustling ambiance filled with networking opportunities and lively chatter. The venue, the historic William Inglis Hotel, offered a relaxed yet professional setting, making it the perfect backdrop for such a significant discussion.

The main highlight of the evening was a presentation by the keynote speaker, Simon Hickey, CEO of Western Sydney International. Hickey passionately laid out the vision for the WSI and how it is set to transform the economic landscape of the region. His talk covered the potential benefits of the airport, including job creation, enhanced trade, and the bolstering of Western Sydney’s position as a hub for international business and tourism.

Following the insightful presentation, a Q&A session was held, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the specifics of the WSI project. The discussion addressed the potential benefits of the airport for various industries including arts, entertainment, culture, and logistics.

While the information shared was undoubtedly the main draw of the evening, the event was also designed to foster a sense of community amongst local businesses. A one-course meal and drinks were served, providing an informal atmosphere for attendees to network, share thoughts, and discuss opportunities for business growth in the area. It was inspiring to see such a dynamic exchange of ideas taking place, highlighting the spirit of collaboration that defines Sydney’s south-west business community.

The event was not just about networking and gaining knowledge, but also about celebrating the individuals who are contributing to the betterment of the region. The organisers took the opportunity to thank everyone for their participation and efforts to showcase the WSI to the wider community. It was a heartening reminder that collective effort is at the heart of regional progress.

In conclusion, the ‘Business After 5’ event served as an enlightening platform to understand the potential of the Western Sydney International Airport. It showcased the undeniable fact that the long-term development of WSI will bring significant economic benefits to Western Sydney and the wider region. The event left attendees with a sense of anticipation and excitement for the future, reinforcing the belief that the WSI is a game-changer for Sydney’s south-west.

The ‘Business After 5’ events are a testament to the power of community engagement and the importance of staying informed about regional developments. We look forward to many more such opportunities for growth, knowledge sharing, and community building.

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