29 February, 2024
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Charlie Ibrahim: Iconic Lebanese-Australian


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To be recognised due to your dedication, honesty, and integrity is perhaps the greatest badge of honour that can be awarded to any man. And that’s exactly what happened to Charlie Ibrahim who has been recognised as CEO of the Year 2021 by CEO Monthly. But why would the CEO of an Aluminium business receive such a prestigious award?

According to Charlie, among other things, the answer lies in how he and his team dealt with the COVID crisis by insisting on preserving the integrity of their company and making sure to persist in delivering their commitments on time. This, coupled with the cutting-edge solutions provided by A-Tech Australia, is what steered Charlie to success by remaining firm in his beliefs and convictions despite overwhelming odds.

A-Tech Australia is one of the market leaders in the aluminium industry and strives to provide daring solutions to all clients. The company has also established other branches in the Middle East and in Asia thereby expanding their service area as well as their partner network. In Australia, Charlie’s company has provided aluminium products and services to a variety of high-profile projects such as Ocean by Meriton in Surfer’s Paradise (QLD) and Western Sydney University in Liverpool (NSW).

Being originally from Lebanon and empathising with the ever-growing struggle of the Lebanese population due to the successive crises that have plagued the country in the past few years, Charlie Ibrahim established his foundation called “Steps of Hope”. One of the biggest goals of the Non-Profit Organisation is to help the people of Lebanon become architects in the future. In addition to that, it aims to alleviate hardships, whether financial, emotional, or physical, through charity.  

In a country where Lebanese are unfortunately linked with crimes due to the nefarious actions of a few high-profile criminals who happen to be Lebanese, it is people like Charlie who help in setting things right. Between the success of A-Tech Australia and the beautiful work being done through Steps of Hope, Charlie Ibrahim deserves to be CEO of the Year to serve as a beacon of hope for Lebanese in Lebanon and a role model for those in Australia.

Charlie Ibrahim has also been invited to speak at this year’s ASME E-Fest, which is a global convention where students and professionals from around the world gather to tackle and speak about topics such as business, life, and more. Charlie’s talk will be entitled “Passion for Development: Achieving the Extraordinary” and will take place on 25 March, 2022. To find out more, you can register here.

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