29 February, 2024
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French foreign minister hails defeat of Morrison and his ‘notorious incompetence’


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The fall of the Coalition government has delighted French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who says Australian voters gave Scott Morrison a stiff dose of exactly what he deserved .

Speaking at a ceremony to mark his retirement, Mr Le Drian said he hoped Labor’s triumph would lead to closer ties as the two nations put the cancellation of the controversial submarines contract behind them.

“I can’t help but tell you that the defeat of the Prime Minister Morrison suits me very well,” Le Drian said, according to Guardian Australia.

“Because the actions taken with regard to France that Morrison took were of a brutality, of a cynicism, and may I say a notorious incompetence.

“I hope we can renew a frank and constructive dialogue with Australia in the future.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded electoral defeat on Saturday night, with Labor projected to hold 77 seats in the 151-seat parliament.

France downgraded its diplomatic relations with Australia in February after Mr Morrison in 2021 revealed plans to scrap a $90 billion submarine deal.

Australia instead signed a partnership with the United States and Britain, known as AUKUS, infuriating French President Emmanuel Macron and his cabinet.


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