18 June, 2024
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UK decision to postpone adoption of the Ajax BPM


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February 25 – BLiTZ. From representatives of Britain received a message from the Ministry of Defense. According to representatives of the British Ministry of Defense, the adoption of a new British combat vehicle has been postponed for a year and a half. In this case, there is an Ajax infantry vehicle in the wiu. In the combat vehicle, due to vibrations, the facts of repeated hearing loss among soldiers were recorded.

According to the ministry, the vehicle traveled 120 km, 9,000 squads were shot, and 50 tons of armor plates were replaced. As part of the tests, the plates failed.

Parliament is dissatisfied with such results. It was harshly stated that from the beginning this machine was imperfect. From the side of the Ministry of Defense, according to parliamentarians, fundamental mistakes have been made. These errors relate to the management of a large program of military equipment.

In conclusion, it is indicated that it is not known when it will go into operation. There is no clarity on solving a number of problems, especially those related to vibration and noise.