20 June, 2024
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IoT Kids announces Winners of Coding Championship for Iraqi Schools


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On 6th August, IoT Kids held the closing ceremony of The Schools Championship for Coding and Innovation at Zain‘s headquarter in Baghdad.

IoT Kids organized the championship in cooperation with The Iraqi Ministry of Education and the sponsorship of Zain Iraq for telecommunication. The championship aims to encourage parents to invest in their children’s creativity and passion for technology at an early age and to motivate young girls to take Computer Science as a field of interest.

The championship for Coding and Innovation focuses on showing children’s abilities by solving problems related to the environment and various scientific topics such as technology, engineering, and mathematics.

More than 3,000 children aged 8-15 from all Iraqi governorates applied for the championship, and 1000, 63% boys and 37% girls, qualified for the championship and competed in several stages. At the final stage, a judges panel from The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Higher Education, The Communications and Media Commission (CMC), and Zain Iraq selected the six best solutions. The winners of these solutions were announced and received prizes at the ceremony.

The winners together with their projects are listed below:

Winner Name City Project Title
Taher Hayder Alalawi Baghdad Water flow sensor solution
Ruqaya Laith Najaf Aquaponic system
Ali Husam Kut Humidifier
Karar Hatem Kut Smart street
Rayan Salwan Baghdad The 10 ways to save the earth
Melik Hayder Baghdad Water pollution solution

Representatives of The Ministry of Education attended the ceremony, including Mr. Nazar Muhammed, Director of the Information and Communication Center,  Mr. Sajad Ali, Assistant Director General of the Information Center, and Mr. Ammar Awad, Curriculum Director.

The representative of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Sajad Ali, commented:

“This initiative encourages children to use technology in new and interesting ways. The young participants’ projects were distinguished by focusing on realistic solutions to problems. We envisage a promising future for these children.”

Besides representatives of different governmental agencies, private sector companies and NGOs attended the ceremony and showed their support for such initiatives.

Mr. Muhammed Khalid, IoT Kids CEO, said IoT Kids will participate in this year’s Codeavour competition, showcasing Iraqi children’s ability to provide solutions to international communities.

(Source: IoT Kids)

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