Most of South Australia’s energy via renewables: report


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Renewable energy provided almost 70 per cent of South Australia’s electricity needs last financial year, data shows.

The Open National Energy Market Report also reveals that on some days, SA’s solar and wind resources provided more power than the state needed, including 150 per cent of its requirements on November 27 last year.

“These results show that there is no doubt that South Australia continues its leadership in renewable energy,” Deputy Premier Susan Close said on Tuesday.

“Wind and solar coupled with the new green hydrogen industry will see our state lead the way in decarbonisation and lower power prices for all South Australians.

“South Australia’s aspirational goal towards carbon neutrality is now within reach.”

The market report indicates that, on average, 68.3 per cent of SA’s daily power needs were supplied by wind and solar in 2021/22.

That was up seven percentage points on the previous financial year.

There was also a six-day period leading up to December 29 when renewables provided more than 100 per cent of the electricity used while on October 11 last year the state’s power grid was powered completely by solar.

Ms Close said that with $30 billion in planning and development around renewables, including hydrogen, SA’s use of green energy was expected to grow further during the next 12 months.

“We will supply South Australians with affordable, clean, green energy, with enough left over to export to other countries, providing additional income streams for our state,” she said.


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