18 June, 2024
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No changes to Egypt’s load-shedding plan: Official


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The Egyptian Cabinet’s spokesperson Mohamed al-Hommsani denied speculation that the state’s load-shedding plan will increase to three hours following the end of Ramadan.

During a telephone interview with TV host Lamis al-Hadidi on “Last Word” (Kalema Akhera) TV show, on Monday, Hommsani said that the plan to reduce the electrical load will follow the same timing as before the beginning of Ramadan.

Load-shedding before Ramadan extended for two hours in each area from between 11 am to five pm, and it will be returned in the same order as it is without any change.

Hommsani continued: “We will return to the previous situation for each area in the load shedding plan, starting from 11 am until five pm, and the same previous schedules will be relied upon.”


End date of the load shedding plan

Regarding the end date for this, Hommsani said that it is being monitored by the Prime Minister and noted that the state is working to overcome all economic challenges.

Once the capabilities are available, the load-shedding plan will be ended, he explained.

He continued: “The citizen must stand by the state, and the (power) outage will end as soon as resources are provided and the state is able to overcome the issue of reducing loads.”

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