28 February, 2024
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Oz Arab Media Signs Agreement with Alarabiya


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Being one of the leading Australian-Arab news outlets publishing in both Arabic and English with a reach of at least 1.5 million per month on social media, Oz Arab Media is always working on expanding its readership and bringing better and more accurate news. As part of his endeavours to partner with reputable news outlets and achieve Oz Arab Media’s goals, Mr. Remy Wehbe, co-founder and director of Oz Arab Media has signed an agreement between the news outlet he represents and Middle East News FZ-LLC which represents Alarabiya, an international Arabic news outlet based in Dubai, operated by MBC Group, and one of the most influential news outlets in the Arab World.
Through this agreement, Oz Arab Media and Alarabiya will exchange written news releases to be shared with their respective audiences in order to expand their reach and explore new market opportunities. Moreover, the agreement also describes how each outlet will help in advertising the other within relevant markets.
With the Arabic language being the third most spoken language in Australia according to the latest data from the census bureau, there is an ever-increasing demand for news in Arabic. Through its agreement with Alarabiya, Oz Arab Media’s main objective is to provide its readers and subscribers, who are mainly in Australia, with the latest news from all over the Arab World in the Arabic language. In doing so, Oz Arab Media helps in preserving and promoting the Arabic language, culture, and heritage, regardless of which Arab nation readers are from. On the other hand, by sending Australian-Arab news in Arabic to be published through Alarabiya, Oz Arab Media will be helping in spreading the successes, struggles, and achievements of Arabs in Australia, in addition to giving Arabic language journalists in Australia a wider platform for the distribution of their news and articles.

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