Oz Arab Media Visits El Mina Association


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On Monday, March 13, 2023, a delegation from Oz Arab Media, led by Mr. Remy Wehbe, paid a visit to the El Mina Association at their office in Punchbowl. The visit was warmly welcomed by the association’s president, Mr. Mouhammad Ayoubi, and its members.

During the visit, Mr. Wehbe took the opportunity to introduce Oz Arab Media and its vital work in the community. He highlighted the importance of collaboration between like-minded organizations and offered to share the association’s news and events through the platform. The members of the El Mina Association were excited by the prospect of reaching a wider audience and took the opportunity to ask questions about Oz Arab Media and its upcoming events.

Mr. Wehbe then extended an invitation to the members of the association to attend Oz Arab Media’s upcoming gala dinner on May 19 at the prestigious Doltone House in Bossley Park. The members expressed their enthusiasm for the event and appreciated the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals.

As the meeting progressed, Mr. Charbel Tadros, president of the AIM Association and media manager of Oz Arab Media, introduced the AIM Business Awards to the members. This prestigious event generated significant interest from the association’s members, and they eagerly asked questions about the nomination process and criteria for the awards.

Overall, the visit was a success, and the El Mina Association and Oz Arab Media forged a promising partnership. Both organizations share a common vision of making a positive impact in the community and look forward to working together in the future.

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