20 April, 2024
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Strengthening Ties: Australian – Saudi Business Relations Set to Flourish


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On the evening of Friday, March 22nd, at 6:30 PM, the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney’s central business district was the setting for a significant gathering aimed at fostering deeper connections between Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Australian Saudi Business Forum and Council organized an Iftar event that was graced by the presence of H.E. Mark Donovan, the Australian Ambassador to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, highlighting the event’s prominence and the strong ties between the two nations.

The gathering served as a platform for Ambassador Donovan to provide insights into the evolving relationship between Australia and Saudi Arabia. He underscored the pivotal role of the Australian Saudi Business Forum in strengthening these bilateral ties and voiced his optimism for future collaborations, particularly in the mining sector. Donovan’s enthusiasm was evident as he outlined plans for joint ventures that respect land rights regulations and incorporate consultations with First Nations communities. This approach demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth.
In addition to mining, Ambassador Donovan highlighted goals aimed at boosting Australian tourism in Saudi Arabia. With plans to increase the flow of tourists in the coming years, this initiative promises to open new avenues for cultural exchange and economic cooperation between the two countries.

H.E. Atef Al Othri, the Commercial Attaché of Saudi Arabia, echoed this sentiment of enduring partnership. He reasserted the Kingdom’s dedication to sustaining and expanding bilateral relations by 2030, a vision that includes welcoming more foreign entities to invest in Saudi Arabia. Al Othri emphasized the importance of increased private sector investment for fostering improved relations, noting the establishment of joint ventures among engineering consultancy organizations as a testament to this burgeoning collaboration.

The discussions and speeches at the dinner not only illuminated the current state of business exchanges between Australia and Saudi Arabia but also set an optimistic tone for the future. Both countries are poised for a partnership that promises mutual benefits and growth. The event followed a structured runsheet that included a welcome note by Australian Saudi Business Forum/Council President Mr. Sam Jamsheedi, followed by insights from Donovan on various aspects of the bilateral relationship, including food security, the success of the Australian Saudi Business Forum, and targets for increasing tourism between the two nations.

H.E. Atef Al Othri’s address underscored Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Vision 2030 and its invitation to foreign entities to establish businesses in the Kingdom, highlighting a future where collaboration and business ventures between Australia and Saudi Arabia are not just envisioned but are set to thrive.
As the evening concluded, the sense of optimism was palpable among attendees. The discussions underscored a shared vision of prosperity, emphasizing that the foundation for a stronger relationship has been laid, with both nations looking forward to reaping the benefits of their cooperation in the years to come.

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